The secure and easy way to manage data transfers


Secure data transfer with dataXchange


Transfer Securely

End-to-end secure transfer (in transit and at rest) with AES-256 military grade encryption

Easy to Use

As easy to use as attaching a file to an email, resulting in high user adoption

Gain Insight

Monitor data flows to and from your organisation, with full audit trails

Promote Brand

Brand your own dataXchange to give your customers and suppliers the assurances that they need

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Traditional data transfer methods and the risks?

Controllers and Processors need to exchange data, with the most common methods being either email or FTP transfer

  Email FTP dataXchange
  Not generally seen as secure
  Not all FTP sites are secure with data as rest and are on legacy equipment
  End-to-End AES256 military grade encryption
  Data files replicated across users and email folders
  FTP sprawl occurs where multiple FTP's are created
  Data enters / leaves organization through one central point
  No audit trail of who sent what, where
  FTP sites can be located anywhere, with no visibility
  Complete visibility and audit trail on all transfers
  Anyone with an email account can send data files anywhere
  There is little control over creation and maintenance
  Set up and manage user permissions

Data Transfer and the GDPR

With GDPR due to come into force on 25th May 2018, there is an onus on you to protect personally identifiable information.


Article 4 (2)

Processing means any operation... including storage, transmission and dissemination

Article 5 (6)

Data must be processed in an appropriate manner to maintain security

Article 32 (2)

Account shall be taken of the risks from accidental loss, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to personal data transmitted


Data security infringements attract fines of up to €10m or 2% of total worldwide turnover

Features and pricing

All subscriptions are on an annual basis. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel within your first 30 days for a pro-rata refund.

  Bronze Silver Gold
Annual Price / Add Users £395 £795 £1195
Users Inclusive 3 10 20
Additional Users Annual £90 £70 £50
Storage / Max File Limits 100GB/2GB 500GB/2GB 1TB/2GB
Custom Branding
Unlimited Client Users
Orgnisation Activity Logs
User Management Tool
GDPR Management Dashboard